I was going to take a break from posting this week but thought it would be a great opportunity to share something I’ve been listening to and pondering on since Saturday: “you are marked”.

There I was one day wasting time scrolling through my Instagram timeline when I saw the repost below from KevOnStage (one of my favourite Christian comedians – yes Christians can be funny too lol) of a remix of a Mike Todd preach at Elevation Church in the states.

I LITERALLY had this on repeat. I mean, it’s catchy! Dayyviiiiid…. DAYYYYYVIIIIIID!

I then saw it in a few other places online and decided to myself that I was going to watch the full talk. My verdict? Oh my gosh. So many points to digest! Sometimes I’ll listen to a talk whilst I’m washing the dishes, etc, but I sat down made notes and actually listened twice! My take away from it is that no matter what you’ve been through or are going through, you are marked and chosen by God for something great.

I would encourage you to take some time out to listen to this and make notes. Take time to also process some of the topics that arise. I couldn’t recommend this talk enough. And his testimony at the end… wow!

If you listen (or have listened) to the talk, let’s have a discussion about it below – points you connected with, points you didn’t connect with so much… let’s talk! Don’t forget to sign up to never miss a post and share this talk with someone you know will be encouraged by it. This is the version I listened to the second time round.

Until next time my lovelies, continue to pursue your dreams and inspire others to do the same. Remember you are marked for greatness!

♥ Natalie ♥



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