Happy Tuesday dreamers! This week I thought I’d try something slightly different. I know that at times it’s a bit of an effort to sit down and read, but more convenient to listen. With that being said, I’ve recorded an audio version of this blog post as well and uploaded it here on YouTube. That way you can listen to this post whilst doing the house work or as you read this. Let me know what you think!


Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. This time last year for Lent, I decided to do an Instagram series called “40 Days of Prayer and Positivity”. The aim was for me to (try and) do 3 posts per day – a word definition, the application of the word, and a prayer concerning the chosen word for the day. At first it was going well, then I forgot a few posts. Eventually the uploads started to dwindle. I got 22 days in and was only finishing day 13. With my time constrains at the time, I was definitely doing too much.



I realised that adding even the slightest task to my ever busy schedule meant something had to give. These things ranged from the time I went to sleep to my reduced capacity to be engaged in other tasks. This is a predicament I’ve found myself in before: doing too much and thinking I have more time than I think for additional things. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who does this!

I remember back in university I used to burn out. I used to be involved with a whole load of events  ON TOP OF my Chemistry studies that I hardly let myself rest. At one point one of my friends had to tell me to stop so that I don’t burn out. You know it gets bad when someone sees it before you do. Since then I’ve managed my time a lot better and noticed when I’m doing too much.




 Back to these Instagram posts: I realised that I actually needed to prioritise and be wise with my time. Could I prepare the artwork for the “40 days of Positivity and Prayer” series, and post three times a day in addition to everything else that I had on? Unfortunately not, even if I wanted to bulk produce I simply didn’t have the time.

Great! I acknowledged that fact. So what next? Cease to do the series? Nope, as I knew I wanted to commit to it for Lent.

How could the aim be adjusted to make the series work? Well, by realising that I had the capacity to post once a day. Therefore instead of focusing on one word 3 times a day, I decided to focus one a word over three days. That helped me to be more consistent and productive with my previous hours.



Are you a busy bee like I can be sometimes? What do you need to cut down on? What are your priorities? Not everything can be of high importance on your list.

What happens if you’re not consistent with something that is on your agenda? Simply acknowledge where the problem was, pick yourself up, replan and move forward.

How can we manage our time more effectively? I’ve found writing a list of tasks, breaking them down into smaller chunks and giving them realistic time frames during the day/ week/ month/ year to be a really big help. It’s so important to find something that will work for you. If you’ve got any tips on organisation and time management, make sure to comment below. You never know who you might be helping!

As always thank you so much for reading! Please share this post with those who will find it beneficial. My encouragement to you is to pursue awesome time mamngement and organisational skills, inspiring others to do the same. It will increase your productivity and confidence to pursue that vision you have.

Stay peaceful and blessed!

♥ Natalie ♥


COVER PHOTO BY Kelly Sikkema





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