How do you get yourself motivated when you’re in procrastination mode? Do you go for a run to get blood pumping around your body? Drink coffee? Head out for a walk? Psych yourself up? Or all the above at different times? I have found more and more that music is my main way to motivation. For instance I wasn’t even going to write a blog post for this today until I listened to music. As I write, I’m listening to Lights On by Trip Lee (feel free to play it whilst you read this).

Photo by Steinar Engeland


The marriage of tempo, beat and words is super important to me. With the exception of a few, the tempo should be moderate to fast, the beat not over bearing otherwise I can’t concentrate and the lyrics need to be uplifting and encouraging, or have a good story behind it. When I really need to concentrate, I’ll listen to instrumentals but my requirements for tempo and beat stay the same. The best way I can describe my soundtrack to motivation is a playlist that I would play whilst driving on a hot summer’s day, with the roof off the car/windows rolled down. Something like William Matthews’ Glory to Glory would be another example.


With that being said, I thought I would share some (33 to be exact because my actual playlist is long haha) of my soundtrack to motivation which I simply named “Motivation Boost“. Take a listen and tell me what you think in the comments.

What would your soundtrack to motivation sound like? I’d love to hear from you! Maybe your songs may make it on mine as well!

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As always thank you so much for reading! Continue to pursue positivity & self development, inspiring others to do the same. Stay peaceful and blessed!


♥ Natalie ♥


Cover Photo by Sabri Tuzcu



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