Happy new month everyone! May your March be better than your February!

And also Happy Independence Day to Ghana!

I have been attempting to dye my hair some shade of purple many times over the last 3-4 months and it hasn’t worked!!!! *cries into pillow*. Ok it’s not that deep but it has been frustrating. I’m trying to get the desired effect without bleaching my hair, which may not be feasible but I will try (sensibly) until I can try no more.


So what purple have I done so far?

I used Adore Rich Eggplant twice. The first time it seemed to get rid of the red undertones of my hair and then using it again… it just seemed to make my hair darker but not purpler. Then I thought maybe I should lighten it first. I didn’t lighten before as I have used Adore in the past on my dark hair and though the colour wasn’t noticeable at first, it showed when I was outside.

I waited a couple of weeks and used Dark & Lovely’s Light Golden Blonde. Now when I say the after result was patchiness… I had chocolate browns in some bits and circles of near blonde and the front of my hair, but luckily I was putting African Violet by Adore straight after and thought the colour must take a bit this time. It did, but only to dull the blonde patches and make my hair look more even.

Disappointment but determined not to give up I got myself I thought I would try and lighten my hair again (no bleach) and went for Creme of Nature Lightest Blonde and OH MY GOODNESS… I have never seen colour like this on my hair before.

It was definitely more consistent and much lighter than my hair has ever been, really impressed, and I was SURE this was my time to shine purple. So I added the African Violet again… and this happened…


Shimmers of purple. I was so happy, though it wasn’t as vibrant as I wanted it to be! So gassed… and then it started disappearing and looking more brown. WHYYYYYYY?????


What now?

All traces of purple have gone from my hair but my mane is not as light as it was. It just looks like a lighter brown. My hair hasn’t come in contact with dye for about a month now and I want to keep trying. So I thought I would do a bit of research and list some of the purple hair dyes I would like to try… if not I may just try some sort of blonde or red as at least I know they work!


Garnier Olia Bold – Rose Violet

I’ve used the Deep Cherry Olia before and was happy with the results. I was considering trying Dark violet but wanted a shade that was slightly lighter. Rose Violet looks like it’s relatively new so it’d be interesting to see how this would look. Most of the reviews I’ve seen so far are good, and if for any reason I would want to experiment with pink hair, there’s also this.


Colorista Paint Midnight Purple

This is one that I’ve seen around and feel like it would definitely give a subtle purple which I’m up for.


Schwarzkopf Live Intense Colour – Ultraviolet

Two of my sisters have mentioned using Schwarzkopf especially if I’m not wanting to bleach my hair. May they finally be right about something? Lol only joking.


Manic Panic – UltravioletΒ or Electric Ameythsyt

I’ve heard a lot about Manic Panic and it’s colour pay off. Some of my natural sistas on YouTube have used this brand and it’s seemed to work for them.


Go to a salon

However as far as I know there aren’t any salons where I live that caters to afro hair, so London it may have to be!



Could technique also be a set back?

I anticipate that my technique also hasn’t been the best but with each dye I’m learning to either leave the dye in for slightly longer, increase quantities an perfect the way I apply the dye to my hair, being a bit more careful and caring.

So I will continue until I find the colour and technique that works for me… or until I get tired of dying my hair. Whichever comes first!

Anyway my lovelies that’s me done for now. If you’re one who like to dye your hair, what is one piece of advice you would give me below when it comes to home colouring?

Speak soon, and keep pursuing those dreams whilst inspiring others.


Peace and love,


β™₯Β NatalieΒ β™₯


Cover photo byΒ Pineapple Supply Co.


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