P:I – 2017 Highlights

Just like my 2016, I have transitioned through jobs. Started 2017 with the job I ended 2016 with and started a new one which I am MUCH happier in. I’ve experienced the joys of camping lol, seen some of my friends and family get married (going to PORTUGAL for one of the weddings) and others taking their platforms to high levels! Speaking of platforms, what have been the highlights for me when it comes to Pursue:Inspire this year?


Three years just appeared lol! If you’re a regular you’ll know that P:I was birthed on 19th May 2014, which means this platform is just over 3 and a half years old! Click the link to check out my blogversary shoot.


I was a bit more consistent on YouTube this year (woooohoo!) and loved doing the Power of Positivity series. Watch PART 1, PART 2 and then PART 3 in 2018. I also had a lot of fun doing my Get to Know Me Tag.


It was great being contacted by a lady who works at Zaful and Dresslily and having collaboration posts with them. The Zaful ones are HERE and HERE, as well as the Dresslily one which are THERE and THERE (YouTube).

And how could I forget my second collaboration with Keji Victoria and her stunning recent collection “Fantasia”?

Teaming up with Jess Bevan, a super talented photographer, resulted in some of the fantastic images below for “Outfit Diaries” content. Each one will take you to separate blog post. We’ve got another little project coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled 😉



I loved having my ladies Lucy, Syntiche, Charlotte and Nicole write a each piece on my blog. Moving towards something that’s more community based is a goal and this was just the start. Click on their names above to read their very encouraging and inspirational pieces.


That time this Polyvore Set was featured in Polyvore’s Set for 6th April 2017 back in April… I mean… you may not be excited but I STILL AM! Click the link above and then scroll down to row 7. It’s in the middle 🙂

Mules, Kisses and Frills

Mules, Kisses and Frills by pursueinspire featuring bohemian jewelry

And this set was quite popular too!

Stripe Sisters

Stripe Sisters by pursueinspire featuring blue jeans


Let’s see what made it into P:I’s top 5 posts of 2017:

P:I Finds – Dresslily

Working Parents – Charlotte

The Beautiful Wife – Nicole AND Get to Know Me Tag

Stop Killing Time – Syntiche

P:I Finds – Zaful

As I prep for P:I in 2018 and my 4th year of blogging, what would you like to see on the blog/YouTube? What are your personal highlights of 2017 (I know it’s not quite over yet but still… tell me haha)? I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for joining me for this post and this journey in 2017. I’m so excited for 2018, looking forward to the great things by His grace that are in store!

Until the next blog post, stay peaceful and blessed.

♥ Natalie ♥

Header Photo: By Me in Portugal

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