Motivation boost needed! I’m really trying to my hardest to be consistent in frequency but also in content and had no idea what to write for today. Instead of wallowing in my writer’s block I thought I’d share a link to a talk from Sarah Jakes-Roberts. However then I came across this 3mins 32 secs video below and thought it was great for a midweek boost. Watch, listen and take in what it being said. Let it encourage you to handle and conquer the rest of this week.

You’re stronger. You’re better. It’s settled. Be ready!

You can handle whatever the rest of this week brings!

Until next time, brave and courageous ones!


♥ Natalie ♥


P.s. my heart hurts for those being sold as slaves in Libya and around the world. Let’s not shy away from what’s going on but face it head on and raise awareness. Slavery is wrong! Let these people go!!!!


Cover pic: Andres Fernandez


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