It happens sometimes doesn’t it? You’ve got stuff to do and you know the reasons behind your to-do list. But for some strange and odd reason unbeknown to man your motivation is running on empty. You can’t bring yourself to start or even to be bothered. The fluttering passion you had 5 minutes ago quickly dissipates and you find yourself sitting and staring at your laptop/ notes/ project without a care in the world.


There are potentially three options you have:

1. Give yourself some thinking space and carry on later;

2. Push through your feelings and hope something will fuel you;

3. Stay staring.

The good thing about option 1 is that you give yourself time to reassess your actions and priorities. Option 2 can get into the habit of pushing feelings to the side and getting stuff done. Option 3, however, means that you are spending time doing nothing.

“Now Natalie,” I hear you say.

“I’m a person who would be on option 3 because I’m tried. All of my energy is zapped from other tasks. What am I supposed to do?”

I would recommend option 1. Give yourself some thinking space and in this time jot down all of the things that take your energy. What is your primary vision and how does that weigh against your priorities? If your current priorities don’t align with your vision, then is your vision even a priority?

If the answer to the previous is “No my priorities don’t align, but in my heart of hearts my dream is still important”, what can you change around in life to make sure that your vision gets the highest ranking? Do you need to stop spending so much time on social media looking at other people in your field and comparing yourself? Are you going to have to bite the bullet and start running/going to the gym once a week? Will you have to step out of fear and treat yourself in a more positive way?


This evening I posted the image below on my Snapchat after speaking to my husband about how I really wasn’t motivated to sit down and write for P:I.

He said to me “I’ll be present to encourage you” which was really sweet. This brings me onto the point of having people that will be present to help you no matter how you feel. You may not have anyone with you physically but do you have someone you can call on to speak to? Having the RIGHT people there for you is important.

After that I thought let me share my bitemoji on Instagram and I started writing. And LITERALLY this is how this post came about. I stopped Instagramming and starting blogging. I got my inspo back! You can say that option 2 was fulfilled here. With the support of my husband and typing on Instagram, my emotions were conquered and out came productivity.

What will you do when your motivation is running on empty? Will you take time, think and set priorities? Will you push through your feelings or will you stay staring?

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re inspired to push through spells on low motivation and to pursue your vision. If you haven’t already, check out my latest YouTube review following on from this Dresslily post.

I’ll catch you next time. God bless you!


♥ Natalie ♥


Blog featured image by Glen Alejandro

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