Welcome back to the blog lovely people and happy new month! Just over a year ago, I interviewed Keji Victoria on her collection “Made with love by KV”. Now she’s back with the beautiful “Fantasia” and I absolutely adore this one! Keep reading for more, especially because there’s a little treat at the end 🙂

Keji describes her new collection as a “perfect style balance. Fantasia encompasses the Woman’s idealistic sillouette: stylish, practical, comfortable and romantic. This collection boasts of trendy and flattering cuts; for every occasion; with comfort fit and a feminine and exotic touch on the fabric. Every touch, every stride in a Fantasia piece is magnificent, bold and adventurous.” This is the designer’s first collection away from her afri-western signature mix. Keji explores the different ways to add exotic and artistic patterns to every day wear. There’s something for everyone. I’m so excited to be one of the first to show you some of the collection as it’s a real beaut!



I absolutely fell for KV Grey at first glance. I’m very much into my kimonos and cardis. When you get the right one it just has the ability to completely transform an outfit.



I got excited because I though this was a dress but nope! It’s a two piece. More options for styling! High waisted slimline trousers with the top and fitted, very elegant and simple turtle neck with the skirt. Both with a pair of strappy heels.



I really love, what looks like, the lace detail on the hem and sleeves of this dress. I can imagine wearing this on a ladies night out walking by the Thames on a nice Autumn evening, going to a cute restaurant before heading somewhere else for a few fancy mocktails.



This screams romance to me. The black on pink is so striking and I love that the lace detail is flowery.

Like what you see so far? There’s so much more of Fantasia over on Keji Victoria’s website!
Well we’ve come to the end of the post. Thank you so much for reading! I’m so excited that now it’s time for…






Keji is exclusively offering one of you lovely readers a free 1 hour lesson on Beginners Sewing! This will take place in her home studio. Topics covered will be outlined cover and materials will be provided. To be in for a chance to win you must do ALL of the below:

1. Make sure you’re following @pursueinspire and @keji_victoria on Instagram and Twitter
2. Visit and share/tweet your favourite item from the collection
3. Use the hashtag #kvfantasia (p.s. your account MUST be public. Otherwise we can’t see your post)

Entries close on 15th October.

Thanks for reading and all the best for the giveaway!

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