Today I’m going back to my P:I Finds format, which I haven’t done in a WHILE. It’s been quite a bright summer and therefore sunglasses have been a must. I’ve been liking the look of round lens sunglasses recently and saw a couple on Zaful (a company I’m sure you’ve heard of. If not, check out their website here) that I thought I’d share with you, amongst a few other beauties that pleased my eyes. I haven’t brought anything from the company as of yet!

There were a lot of items I saw that I like but we’d be here all day if I added them ALL to this. So let’s go for my top 10 and before we continue, I would also like to say a big thank you to Zaful for partnering with me on this post:



Ruffles Plunge Neck Popover Maxi Dress


High Neck Cut Out Bandage Dress

These dresses shout out “romance” to me. All different silhouettes, all different styles, all have different details that draw me to them, from the sweetness of the ruffles to the strength of the criss cross neckline.



Ruffle Cold Shoulder Fitted Top


Stripes Oversized High Low Shirt

Again, another item with ruffles. I must say that the cold shoulder fitted top is probably my favourite on the website. I love the shade and the way the ruffles are incorporated. As for the oversized shirt, firstly I love shirts, secondly it’s oversized. Win-win!



Striped Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

There is something about these palazzo pants which are so playful and sophisticated at the same time. Dressed up with the right blazer, heels and shirt, as well as an air of confidence, one can command the space in a business meeting. Dressed down with a pair of clean white trainers and a white tee would be perfect for a girls afternoon or a family picnic.



Cut Out Golden Cat Eye Sunglasses


Chunky Frame Round Mirrored Sunglasses


Summer is making way for Autumn 🙁 but I’m hoping that we still have sunny days :)! Also this is a time that people go abroad to hot countries to relax after a hectic year/summer. Therefore sunnies are a must. These two pics make a statement. The cat eye cry “fashionista” and the chunky frame ones edgy.


Alloy Vintage Circle Drop Earrings

I love these vintage circle drops. The finish on these is beautiful and I anticipate that they can be worn on a casual day lunch date with the girls or on date night with the Mr. I can see it going perfectly with similar coloured choker and the above ruffled top and slit skirt combo.



Ruffles Belted Top And Slit Skirt Set


Capelet Top And Slit Striped Skirt Set

These two pieces are such stand out pieces! The peplum bodice on the all black number is attention grabbing and the striped beauty simply captivating. I would personally wear the capelet set with maybe a black/white cami bodysuit like
this one as I’d be so conscious that the top would fly up if there is any wind!


Take a look at the Zaful website and let me know what items grab your attention by posting the link in the comment box. If you’ve ever ordered from them, please let me know your experiences too!


Until next time God bless you as pursue your dreams and inspire others

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