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Time for Tea Tree

Happy Thursday wonderful people! I hope your week has been filled with greatness.

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Today we talk facial skincare, which is something I’ve been struggling a bit with as of the past few months. My face has been pretty up and down, having it’s good moments and its rough feeling moments.

I was using a brand I came across in Holland and Barrett at one point, but after a while my face started feeling a bit dryer than usual and slightly rough. I may talk about that experience in another post. In a bid to improve the state of my skin I was tempted to look around again but went back to some products that have worked for me so many times before and that I have loved:

Tea Tree Skincare by Superdrug

**This is NOT a sponsored post

I think I first discovered this whilst I was in uni, though details are sketchy, and loved it from the get go. One of the first items I used from this collection was the Tea Tree and Peppermint wipes but when I discovered the one for sensitive skin (Tea Tree and Camomile) I was sold. I’ve also used the facial wash in the past which was a worthy buy.

This time round I opted for the Foaming Facial Wash and the Facial Moisturiser. The Foaming Facial Wash is great for cleansing and literally foams, which I find really is fun. 1 or 2 pumps of this stuff is recommended and when on my face can feel the soothing and cooling Peppermint doing its work. I normally use this in the morning during my shower and at night before I go to bed.

This Facial Moisturiser is the business I tell ya. My T-Zone can get quite oily during the day so I really need a moisturiser that keeps the oil at bay. The Tea Tree one does just that and keeps my skin mattified for a smoother complexion, and also gives that Peppermint feel.


Now why on earth am I talking about skin products on my blog? Because I am pursuing great skin. I am seeking to attain healthy skin. When your skin feels yukky (yes I said yukky) you don’t feel your best. However skin care doesn’t just stop there, it’s also about what you consume and how you treat yourself. Water is a given (even though yes I also struggle to have my 8 glasses a day) as well as diet and reducing your stress levels.


What products are you using at the moments?

Which ones are a yes and which would you run away from?

Let me know in the comments.


Until next time, God bless and have fun whilst pursuing your created!

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