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Happy Thursday my lovelies! I hope you’ve had a great week so far. Before I start with this week’s post, let’s just head back to this post for a bit of a refresher of this topic.

I thought a good starting point would be to look at my sizing compared to some of the high street shops. I looked at quite a few but I’m not going to put all of the results on here because… it’s a bit LONG! Disclaimer: normally I’m an 8/10 top and 12 bottom.

So… here it goes. As it stands I am now as follows:

35″ bust

31″ waist

43.5″ hips

Now these figures are interesting because staring me in the face was the following fact that I couldn’t deny:

I’ve gotten bigger since before Christmas!

I have added 2/3″ onto each (33″ bust, 29″ waist and 40″ hips – I’ve always had hips but come on!). In fact I have even lost some weight before this and don’t even want to know what I was before I did.

And I think I can put my finger on why. So for my hips, squats have been my best friend! I was consistently doing 20 squats a day, less so recently. So I feel like I’ve built some muscle Other reasons may be:

FOOD – obviously food, but food from work. You see the company I used to work for had lovely cooked and baked food that was made on occasion and there would mostly be some extra. My job was also an office job, which meant minimal time on my feet. So… my lack of discipling saying “no” to that bacon sarnie or that mouthwatering muffin, not to forget the extra treats people would bring in because of birthdays, Christmas or when felt like!

EXERCISE – the lack/ inconsistency of, apart from the squats. I had a really good streak at exercising and then it just dwindled. Now I’m back on it again with a goal to lose 2 inches off my waist before August. I actually don’t have a choice on the matter!

Is that why I found it hard fitting into size 12 bottoms? Let’s find out what the standard sizes are for a couple of some high street shops:



B: 35 | W: 29 | H:39


B: 36 | W: 28½ | H:38


B: 36½ | W: 29 | H:38½


B: 34½ | W: 28½ | H:37¼

– also have different sizing system on website apart from charts

B: 37 | W: 29.1 | H:40.2

*all figures found on respective shop sizing charts. All linked.

So as you can see, my measurements against these brands (which were picked because my jeans were from Debs, trousers from Next and the others were some mentioned from feedback) don’t necessarily correlate. They do not match up. NOPE. So I waist down shouldn’t be a size 12. It looks like I really should be, without boring you with giving all the stats, approximately a size 14 waist and just squeezing into a 16 for hips.

HOWEVER I would still like to remind you all I still managed to fit comfortably into a pair of size 12 jeans and work trousers which I did purchase in the end. If the measurements are standard, how is that even possible? Is it because of the shape and fit of the ones I bought? Was it the stretchy denim or extra pleats on the trousers?

One thing I would like to highlight is the fact that the measurements for size 12 aren’t the same across the field. For instance Zara’s measurements are very generous on the hips but H&M doesn’t seem to be so forgiving. I found this for all sizes and couldn’t put my finger on why this is so.

A thought that crossed my mind was “different body shapes maybe?” I can’t remember what I typed into Google at the time but I came across this handy tool of a body shape calculator from Shop Your Shape and thought I’d see if there was any difference in the shapes stores cater for. All you literally do is put in bust, waist and hips measurements, answer some questions and voila! It tells you the shape. Just to add the questions have to do with specific bodily features that will help determine whether you are, say, a ‘spoon’ or a ‘pear’. Inputting the measurements from high street stores, most of them actually did come up as spoon/pear which was very interesting.

I would like to do a more extensive search on this topic in time, but realise that I may not get all the answers I am looking for. Even now I don’t have all the answers and there are questions in my mind arising from what is written. I think my next thing is to try clothes according to my measurements and see how they play out.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out in the section below. I would really love to hear from you.


Until next time

God bless, God bless and God bless!



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