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The Beautiful Wife | NICOLE

Please welcome another sister of mine to Pursue:Inspire! This lady is very dear to my heart 🙂


“Wow she is stunning, is that your wife?!!”
“Eish see beauty”
“Dark skin babe be what!!!”
“Please does she have a sister??”
“She’s soo beautiful, teach me!!”

Beautiful? …

When I was praying and planning for the future, to be more specific; becoming a wife, I had a good idea of what a GODLY wife represents. She represents her home, her husband her children and most of all she represents her maker! So how I would carry myself, the clothes I would wear and the words I would utter would label me in one way or the other right? … True!

The vision of the perfect wife to ME began with a dream. A dream of confident living and doing life without many constraints. Now deams and reality are similar … but they have BIG differences!  When you dream you think of a specific eye catching picture. But in reality that picture has highlights, it has warmth, some light and dark  shades … and my oh my does it have OPINIONS!

In my short time of becoming a wife *praise the Lord hehe* I have learnt a lot about the way  I  am perceived as a ‘wife’. Marriage is a holy and precious sacrament and it is a true blessing ordained by God.
When I entered marriage life I felt a feeling of safety and comfortability. I can now truly EXPRESS myself and pursue the beautiful me…sounds weird right?!

When i was single, I felt that I couldn’t really wear certain clothes or beautify my self with as much make up and adornments etc, just because I felt that people would judge me for being too provocative or for just dong too much!

Also growing up with a fairly strict Ghanaian mother who thought all my clothes showed too much of my shape didn’t help the development of my individuality in terms of dress sense. But now as an adult and as a married lady, I can truly represent how God created ME to be!

So now my Aunties say “Cover yourself!  You are a WIFE now” or “You will tempt other menoo”. Sigh … but Auntie this is my time to shine! Sorry but bye 💋

I’m not saying that I had to get married or leave my mother’s house to truly know or express who I am in terms of outward appearance, but I know that being loved by a Godly man who loves my everything, only encourages and inspires me to do all I want to do, without any inhibitions. A virtuous woman not only shows her God given power and strength in her home and help to others but also in how she presents herself to the world.

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones . Proverbs 12:4

Your happiness is important first, so if like me you have felt held back at pursuing a specific venture or expressing yourself in fashion, spoken word , makeup whatever it may be; create a platform for yourself and make changes. You will see God work wonders in your self esteem and your self belief.

Believe me, everyone around you who truly loved you before and the new loves you acquire, will share and rejoice in your new sprinkling of slay!

I still get shy when I receive compliments, but I know my God is helping me believe it more and more everyday ❤


Nicole is a principled lady with a selfless heart 💕

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