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Outfit Diaries | Sunnies X Kente

I love bright colours so whilst packing to go and visit family for some birthday celebrations, I decided to pack my Kente headwrap (from Ghana) which I’ve had for years (one of the greatest qualities about woven Kente is its durability). Knowing that the temperature was going to start at about 12 degrees and peak to about 18 degrees, my best bet was to pack clothes that would work well in both instances.



I was sent these lovely pair of sunglasses from the team at Cheapass Sunglasses who sell cheap wholesale sunglasses. Upon invitation to pick a pair I finally decided on these Purple Rain stunners as I wanted something that was quirky in character. For more of their frames, check out the website and also check out the the wholesale sunglasses distributor.



My make up for the day consisted of Mary Kay concealer (sometimes you gotta borrow from loved ones lol!), Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation (sample – ladies i used wisdom since this last post haha) in Deep Amber, Crazy Rumors Mint Chocolate Lipbalm and Mary Kay lipstick (borrowed again and can’t remember the combination!).


Don’t let the size fool you! These frames are very lightweight!



I wish the sun was going to be out a bit more in England so I could rock these with different outfits! I’ll save them for next year I guess… or wear them regardless!


What do you think of the sunglasses? How would you style them? Comment below!

Thanks so much for reading. Also a MAUUUUUUSIVE shout out to one of my not-so-little sisters Jess for taking these awesome shots!

Until next time ladies and gentlemen God bless, God bless and God bless!



Purple Rain Sunglasses: Cheapass Sunglasses (also see Solo Solis)

Waterfall Camel Coat: Gift

Red Sleeveless Turtle Neck: Old top

Jeans: Uniqlo

Trainers: Nike

Adinkra Earrings: Gift

Bangles: Gifts

Kente Headwrap: Ghana


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