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Hello! Thanks again for gracing P:I with your presence :). Quickly before I get into this post, if you’re in the UK and you haven’t voted for the EU Referendum yet please do! Every vote counts!

As per my Top 5 Fashion and Style Goals post, I’m looking at how I can incorporate specific items into my wardrobe. However I get a bit overwhelmed when it comes down to places to look (so… many… shops and… online… stores!). So to help me (apart from using Dressipi, which is absolutely brilliant), I’m thinking of being a bit more consistent with having P:I Finds posts which focuses on a specific store each post. See the one I did for my Next faves here.

**Just a note: unless stated, none of my posts are or have been sponsored. I do this off of my own back to share with you guys. Also if and when I do get sponsored I will give my truthful opinion of a product/set of products.

So without further ado, let’s shop Apricot! I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled across this site but I think they have some really nice stuff on here, especially for the season we are in now. I’ll be doing this post in two parts so for now check out the first part of my top 10 picks from the Apricot below (click on the items of clothing to find out more info):

Red Multi Coloured Tribal Print Shift Dress

I love the boldness of this dress! Great for a chilled summer party. I’d dress with back sneakers for a casual look or wedges for a more dress up feel. Apricot also have a maxi skirt and top in the same print.


Sky Blue Denim Look Shirt Dress

Now I love denim jeans and I have one denim jacket which is more for autumn. However I haven’t really been into denim tops/dresses until recently. I think if I were to start anywhere, this Denim Look Shirt Dress would be a good place to transition from. Pair up with big bold earrings with bold colour shoes to bring more out of this piece.


Khaki Long Sleeved Shirt Dress

There’s something casually sophisticated about this dress. I don’t know if it’s the silhouette or the neckline but I feel like this would be a laid back, power dress. Black heels with simple gold jewellery would really compliment this.


Navy & Pink Flower Silhouette Print Tea Dress
Navy & Pink Flower Silhouette Print Tea Dress

Cute and playful. I love the A-Line with the baby pink on navy. I would wear this with some cute wrap around sandals and circle frames sunglasses. Maybe even a bowler hat.


Blue Cold Shoulder Tunic Dress
Blue Cold Shoulder Tunic Dress

Versatile! Whether with your favourite pair of skinny jeans, leggings, statement jewellery or by itself, I believe this dress can speak on your behalf louder than words.


What is/are your favourite item/items on the Apricot website? Are there any in this post that you would agree with me on?

Please do comment, like, share and subscribe, and until tomorrow when I’m back with part 2, God bless, God bless and God bless!


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